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The Evangelical Christians

William Carey
(1761-1834 A.D.)
  Influenced by the mystic writings of William Law. Believed that man has responsibility and ability to received the gospel. Wrote Inquiry, which discussed the obligations of Christians for the conversion of the heathens. Founded and evangelized in India for a long as forty years. Translate the Bible into various Indian dialects. Brought gospel atmosphere both to India and to Britain.
David Livingstone
(1813-1875 A.D.)
  Dedicated all his life to the gospel work in Africa.
Charles Finney
(1792-1875 A.D.)
  A vessel through which the great American Revival in the nineteenth century was brought forth. Saw revival means Christians recover the first love and sinners make repentance of his past conditions. Awakened and corrected the backslided churches to pay attention to the thing of God. Claimed that the God's means to bend sinners is the renewal and magnification of Christ's image on the believers and the glorious testimony in their living.
Hudson Taylor
(1832-1905 A.D.)
  Wrote Union and Communion, which speaks of some profound experience in Christ and recovers the truth concerning union and communion with Christ. Founded the China Inland Mission, making a tremendous contribution to the gospel work in China.
C.H. Spurgeon
(1834-1892 A.D.)
  British Baptist pastor. Influenced by the work of puritans. Called for the building up of a church on New Testament principles. Greatly gifted with preaching. His wife distributed his books to poor preachers everywhere for them to receive spiritual supply.
D. L. Moody
(1837-1899 A.D.)
  A great evangelist. Made the practice of preaching the gospel to one person every day. Traveled to large cities in Britain and America. Strongly stressed the need of prayer. Endeavored to be one who was completely and absolutely submissive to God. Traveled millions of miles throughout his lifetime, preached to more than 100 million people, and personally prayed for 750,000 sinners.
A. B. Simpson
(1842-1919 A.D.)
  Valued a return to the experience of the apostolic age when men lived by faith to experience reconciliation with God through the Lord Jesus, the filling of the Holy Spirit through complete consecration, and a life of complete trust in the Lord. Also discovered the truth concerning divine healing and experience it, yet emphasized that it was not the healing but the resurrection life that overcame the weaknesses of the flesh. Taught that one can triumph over sickness through knowing Christ as the power and the Deliverer.

The Pentecostal Christians

The Pentecostal Christians  In 1909 in Los Angeles of the United States, a number of black believers on Azusa Street experienced the baptism of the Holy Spirit. It recovered the Pentecostal experience and ushered in modern Pentacostalism, Charismatic movements.

The Inner-Life Christians

Robert Pearsall Smith
(1827-? A.D.)
  Recovered the truth concerning sanctification by consecration. Saw sanctification does not come merely by faith, but by consecration as well. Emphatically preached that man is sanctified not only by faith, but by consecration through faith.
Mrs. Hannah Smith
(1832-? A.D.)
  The writer of the book The Christian's Secret of Happy Life.
Andrew Murray
(1828-1917 A.D.)
  Wrote Abide in Christ, The Spirit of Christ and The Holy of Holies, which speak mainly of the work of prayer, the reality of sanctification and the need of the Holy Spirit. Recovered the knowledge and experience of Christ as the Spirit. Continued the line of truth concerning self-denial preached by one like Madame Guyon with Evan Hopkins of England and others. Conducted conferences in Germany, England and other places, which were the beginning of what we know today as the Keswick Conventions.
Jessie Penn-Lewis
(1861-1927 A.D.)
  While sick in bed read the writings of Madame Guyon and was raised up by the Lord to preach the truth of the cross. Announced the truth that the cross is the centrality of God's work and the foundation for all spiritual matters. Saw the cross dealing with the old man. Recovered the truth concerning spiritual warfare. Realized the kingdom is a matter of man's gaining ground for the God through spiritual warfare. In collaboration with Evan Roberts wrote the book War on the Saints.
Evan Roberts
(1878-1951 A.D.)
  Recovered the truth of the kingdom and brought in the great Welsh Revival. Taught that the revival work of the Holy Spirit is brought in through a group of people who are bent and subdued. Also began to understand the work of the evil spirits.
T. Austin-Sparks
(1888-1971 A.D.)
  Established the Overcomer magazine. Saw resurrection is life going into death, passing through death and coming out of death alive; it is anything that death cannot swallow up. Also saw the truths concerning the church life and the Body of Christ.
M. E. Barber
(1866-1929 A.D.)
  A former Anglican missionary who was sent to Chine for gospel work. Later left the denomination and answered the Lord's call to be a good grain of wheat sown in China. Changed the nature of early gospel movement in China into the pursuit of experience of spiritual life. Much acquainted with the works of the Brethren and the inner-life Christians. Had profound spiritual experience. Was the spiritual teacher through whom Watchman Nee received the most benefit. In departure from the world left little more than a copy of the Bible and Watchman Nee.

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The Present Recovery of The Lord

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