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Who are we?
History & Recovery
Who's who in
church history
The church Fathers
and the Martyrs
The Reformers
during the dark ages
The Reformation
The Mystics
The Moravian Brothers
The British Brethren
The Evangelical Christians
The Pentecostal Christians
The Inner-Life Christians
The Present Recovery
of conferences
& trainings
Bible Lesson
The Gospel of God:
God went thru a process
The Mystery of
human life
The first key
The second key
The third key
The fourth key
New Books
Link to FTTMY
Introduction to FTTMY
God proceeds
step by step...
Goal & Purpose:
The FTTMY trains you
in your realization
of the divine truths
in your experience
of the divine life
in your service
to the Lord
in your character
Two-year classes include
Training makes a difference
Blessed are they
who are called
How should I
prepare myself
Your reasons for coming to the training
What you must read before you come
Reading the Bible will ensure that you have
General information
for application (FTTMY address/tel/email/map)
Application forms
Got a news
to tell us?
Children Arena
Guess it!
Youth Section
A challenging puzzle
Contact Us
The FTTMY Trains You
in Your Experience of the Divine Life

Much more we will be saved in His life, having been reconciled--Rom. 5:10b.

The full-time training helps you:

  1. To learn to live by the divine life and in the principle of the tree of life.

  2. To live a corporate God-man living to live out the reality of the Body of Christ.

  3. To establish a personal, affectionate, private and spiritual relationship with the Lord and to be absolutely consecrated to the Lord.

  4. To practice the basic exercises of a God-man living through calling on the name of the Lord, pray-reading the Word, PSRP, hymn singing, praying and prophesying.

  5. To be joined to the Lord in one spirit, strictly living according to the mingled spirit to have the subjective experiences of Christ.

  6. To experience the breaking of the outer man through the cross of Christ, and know the power of Christ's resurrection.

  7. To learn to blend, coordinate, and be built up with the other believers.

    "There are many brothers and sisters whose hearts' love toward the Lord cannot be said to lack fervency, and the price they have paid also cannot be considered insufficient, yet because they do not know what the real growth of life is, they have many mistaken views and pursuit; thus the real growth of life in them is quite limited."

"We do not desire to
train you with biblical
knowledge according to
the letter... We are
cooperating with our
God that He may give
you more growth,
that He may give
you more growth,
that He may give you
the maturity you need.
Then you will be useful,
and that usefulness
is your function."

Witness Lee

The FTTMY Trains You
in Your Service to the Lord

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