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How should I prepare myself to come to the training? (contd.)
    Reading the Bible will ensure that you have a general idea of the contents of the Scriptures. The ministry books, on the other hand, will provide you some basic spiritual knowledge of the crucial items int he recovery. It may seem like a lot of work, but with a little scheduling you can easily finish reading all of them in a few years. In fact, we encourage the serving ones in the campus work in the churches to devise a four-year plan to help our young people read through the Bible and these spiritual publications. Furthermore, we cannot encourage you strongly enough to participate in all the seven annual international conferences and trainings in the Lord's recovery today (either live or by video). This will develop in you a healthy appetite for the ministry through which the divine revelation from the interpreted word comes. Those who plan to come to the training should try to read as much of the Bible (at least finish the New Testament, certainly) and the various titles from this book list as possible. Thereafter, reading from the entire list will be a prerequisite for all FTTMY applicants.

  1. Financial considerations.

    If possible, you should save up some money so that you can support yourself, in however small a way, while in the training. A year of training will cost about RM6,300 in room and board, excluding personal expenses. Although your sending church or your parents may be willing to help you financially, your own putting aside something over the years (this is especially for those who have time to pepare for this, e.g. even in your secondary school years) with the full-time training in view is a strong indication of a serious attitude and commitment on your part. Also, you should try your best not to incur unnecessary debts from student loans or accept scholarships that bind you for many years (unless you really have no other alternative to finance

    your studies). As a young person, you should cultivate proper spending habits. You should learn to live within your means, neither borrowing nor squandering away your money but laying it aside for a heavenly and divine purpose. We even propose that you start a savings account dedicated for your expense needs in the FTTMY. In any case, try not be entangled or encumbered by the affairs of this life so you can please the Lod who enlisted you in His army (2 Tim. 2:4).

  1. A foretaste of the training.

    The FTTMY may in the future be open for certain periods of time for short-term enrollment while it is in session. In that event, you are welcome to participate as a short-term trainee during your school breaks. Working saints may also take leave to attend these short-term trainings. This short foretaste may help you to become more determined to enter the two year full-time training. Moreover, fellowship often with the full-timers, trainees and elders/responsible brothers from your locality to stay informed about the training. Join them in their labors and get a taste of what full-time training life is like.

  2. A heart to serve the Lord full-time

    Some of you may have been touched by the Lord from time to time to consider serving Him as a full-timer for the rest of your life. While such a desire is not a requirement for attending the FTTMY and must be subject to the test of time, environment, and the Body, we do encourage you to water that seed within you. The burden of the training is also to produce a good number of young people who will present their whole life to the work of the recovery to spread His testimony throughout the earth for the consummation of this age.


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