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Who are we?
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Goal & Purpose:
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in your service
to the Lord
in your character
Two-year classes include
Training makes a difference
Blessed are they
who are called
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Contact Us
Malaysia Full-time Training

Address:13 - 3, Jalan Puteri 2/1,
Bandar Puteri Puchong, 47100 Subang Jaya,
Selangor Darul Ehsan, Malaysia
Houses and apartments for trainees use are near the training center. each housing unit is fully-furnished to provide a suitable environment. Meals are partly provided by FTTMY at the training center.

    Classes are conducted in either English or Chinese with translation into Chinese or English whenever there is a need.

    There are normally two intakes per year, in May and November. Notices will be sent to the churches regarding the exact dates for each intake.


    1. All seeking Christians with the following background can apply:

      1. Having a college or university degree.
      2. Aged between 21 to 40 years old.
      3. Having sound physical and mental health.

    2. All elders/responsible brothers can apply.


    1. FTTMY application forms can be obtained from the elders/responsible brothers in each locality. They can also be obtained by contacting the FTTMY office (e-mail).

    2. Anyone intending to enroll should fill out the application form and then submit it to the elders/responsible brothers in his/her locality for their recommendation. The elders/responsible brothers will in turn submit the application directly to the FTTMY office.

    3. Forms to be submitted:

      1. A FTTMY training application form. Applicants should be thorough in filling out this form. PLEASE NOTE:
        The elders' comments section of the application form is meant for elders to have thorough fellowship with prospective trainees(s) regarding the nature of the full-time training, so that all trainees coming to FTTMY are fully conscious of the rules and constraints of the training. A detailed summary of such a fellowship is requested and is to be written in the comments section for each applicant. This will facilitate the FTTMY acceptance procedure.

      2. A standard FTTMY medical questionnaire form. This form must be filled out thoroughly and submitted with the application.

      3. A FTTMY "Consecration Agreement". The elders are requested to help each applicant to read through this agreement thoroughly and prayerfully, so that all the points are clearly understood by them before they sign and submit the agreement.

      4. Each application must be submitted in a separate envelope and designated with the words: "FTTMY Registration."

      5. Send the envelope with the completed application forms to the full-time training address.

    4. Those accepted to the training will be duly notified in time, and be given more information about the arrival instructions, expenses, uniform requirements, textbooks, etc..

      If you have any queries concerning joining the training, please contact the FTTMY office. (e-mail)



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